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VFR airspace activities areas and sites

Number of rows: 6
Property Sub-Property ID Type Description Note Reference Accuracy Integrity Origin type Pub. Resolution Chart Resolution ADQ HL-Ref IFR Accuracy IFR Integrity VFR Accuracy VFR Integrity NatDqr Reference
Type1053Code listType of activity:Aerobatic, Glider area at aerodrome, Winch launching, Glider towing, Parachute jumping, Paraglider, Hangglider, Free baloon, Scale modelVFR VAC/AREA
Name1054TextName of the VFR airspaceVFR VAC/AREA
Lateral limits1055PolygonLateral limits of the VFR airspacefor activities areasVFR VAC/AREA
Location1056PointPosition of the VFR airspacefor activities sitesVFR VAC/AREA
Max. altitude1057AltitudeMaximum altitude of the VFR airspaceVFR VAC/AREA
Annotation1058TextNotes that apply to the VFR airspaceVFR VAC/AREA
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